Coloring Pumpkins

I saw this from an email I got from Pinterest; I thought it would be a great project to do with my granddaughter and a nice change from the carved pumpkin. So, when I went grocery shopping, I picked up a couple of ‘white’ pumpkins and a cheap box of crayons. The hardest part of this project is taking the paper off those waxy little crayons, but well worth it on the end result.

Enjoy the slide show.

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Getting Creative and Organized . . . Finally!

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Sometime in early August I started reorganizing my craft room; it was slow going, but I am finally done! I had to make decisions about a lot of little things that added up to one big thing and I think that is why it took me much longer to do than I first thought it would.
I had to decide what I enjoyed doing most and what was at the bottom of my list had to be downsized. Even though I still enjoy scrapbooking and making cards, they were at the bottom of my list of creative enjoyments. So, my Cricut moved in with my sister and I gave her first pick at stamps and punches and a good friend took the rest. I dealt with bunches of little piles of ‘stuff’ and cleaned up my work area. I went through my fabric and gave a lot of it away to another good friend. I had decided that when I start another sewing project, I wanted fresh fabric, not scraps and leftovers. I kept what I knew I would use in future projects and got rid of the rest.

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Once my craft room was organized again, I found it easier to work on projects that seemed to be at a standstill; I made a pair of earrings, working on some Kumihimo that will be necklaces and finally got an idea for the bead challenge I am participating in from my local bead shop; Thistle Beads in Niantic, CT.
My focus now is to finish up all the projects that I have beads for and maybe, just maybe I will start working on a quilting project, but no promises. 
Happy creating! :)

I Am Cleaning House!

Every year, my church has what we call a “Church Give-a-Way”; an opportunity to ‘give’ used items to the surrounding neighborhood; like a yard sale, but free. For those who donate, it’s a chance to get rid of items that are still in good condition that they no longer want or need and for those who live around the church a chance to receive the items free. It’s a win-win all around.

This year, it’s a few weeks early (first Saturday in October) and will take place at the end of a visit from my brother and his wife from California; so I didn’t want to wait until the last minute to gather my items to give, but get it done before the visit.

I started with my craft room, talk about using a spoon to shovel a mountain of sand; well that’s what it feels like. I have so much ‘stuff’ for so many creative things I do and ideas I have just taking up space. So I needed to decide what gives me enjoyment and what doesn’t and go from there. Scrapbooking and card making; these things were at the bottom of my list of what I enjoy doing. I don’t want to give up either of them entirely, but a lot of the ‘tools’ I didn’t use just took up space. I went through the things I could ‘live’ without and had my sister Francine take first pick of the things she wanted from my stash, my friend Ann took everything left. It was a lot of stuff, but Ann does projects with her grandkids all the time and she also helps out at their school, so it will all be put to good use. One more thing about scrapbooking and card making, I still like doing these things but not as much as I enjoy beading or quilting. I was able to get my supplies for these crafts down to a more reasonable amount and it takes up much less space.

Since I now share the craft room with my husband (he’s working on a wooden ship model) I needed to give him a bit more space, so I cleared a small shelving area that had ‘my’ stuff on it for him to use. His work area looks more organized now. The first of many objectives completed.

The next step is to remove an old book case that was once my oldest sons when he still lived at home. There are three cut outs in the back of it, one was for the light switch, when it sat in front of it and the other two were for outlets, to make them usable when the book case blocked them. Today, I will put it out by the curb with a sign that says ‘FREE’! It might come in handy in someone’s storage shed or garage.

Right now my craft room looks like chaos, but the goal is order and I think once I am done, it will be a more workable space. I have two boxes for the give-a-way so far and hope to gather more as I finish this room and go on to the next room.

In the meantime, I am still beading and have a lot of projects that I need to complete before mid-October. I also have a bead challenge to do that is due in one month! Yikes!!!

Happy creating everybody!

A Kids Bead Class and More . . .

IMG_3239I took my nine year old granddaughter to a bead class for kids at my favorite bead shop in Niantic, CT; Thistle Beads.

The class was to make a lizard out of beads, a very basic but a place to start for a child. There was one other child there who also made one and they both seemed to have a great time. My granddaughter gave her lizard to her daddy and he hung it over his computer.

I have been bezeling Cabochons and Rivolis, I made one complete necklace and one that I am still working on the necklace part of.

IMG_3233 I made these earrings for my daughter in-law, because of her job wearing bracelets are out, but she had said she would love a pair of earrings.  So I had my sister teach me how to bezel.  When my sister learned, I was knee deep in other projects and wasn’t interested in learning this technique, well not until my daughter in-law suggested earrings.  Now that I have learned, I find I like it and as you can see by the pictures, it doesn’t take much to have the same technique look different.  I also have the makings for more earrings, so it will keep me busy for a while.

IMG_3235 IMG_3226The necklaces are done with the Kumihimo technique, the lavender and white necklace is made with Delicas (white beads) and size 8o (Ceylon Gladiola) seed beads and the dark one is done with ‘pinch’ beads in the color of Picasso.  I found the pinch beads very easy to work with and it creates such a different look for Kumihimo.




I had a request from a viewer, wanting to know how I did the spiral necklace on my last post; thank you Mary for asking. So this post is for Mary and anyone else who wants to know how this pattern was done.

First off, I can’t take the credit for this idea, though I have done Kumihimo in various size beads in different combinations, this was the first time I did this pattern. The credit goes to Bonnie, a very creative and talented friend of mine; so thank you Bonnie for the idea.

If you have never done Kumihimo before, all you have to do is Google it and you will find a lot of videos on how-to. It is a simple beading method that is portable; I can stick whatever project I am working on in my pocketbook and take it with me; a great pass-time when waiting.


Anklet (using 8o’s and 11o’s seed beads) and part of matching necklace (using 6o’s and 8o’s seed beads)


A closer look of anklet and necklace.


The pattern used to get the spiral effect.


A necklace I have been working on, using 11o seed beads and micro cord (which is thread-like).


The pattern I am using for the 11o seed bead necklace.

Kumihimo can be very interesting depending on what beads are used.  When my sister and I first learned Kumihimo two years ago, my sister began making bracelets in different combinations using one size bead; as a result, she created some pretty neat patterns.  It wasn’t until I saw a bracelet someone had made using pearls, crystals and seed beads (she said they were left-overs from other projects) in different sizes that I realized the possibilities of so much more that could be done using Kumihimo.  Recently, my friend Bonnie showed me a necklace she was working on in dark and light colored seed beads using the two size pattern and the result is what I did in above pictures.  I think I would like to try it sometime with pearls and crystals; that would make an interesting necklace.

Happy beading! :)

Finishing Up Projects

With summer in full swing and having just celebrated my nation’s birthday last week, life has been busy.There were three celebrations altogether; my oldest son turned 40 and got a college degree, so we (his wife Jenn and I) threw him a surprise party at his favorite summer outdoor eatery and he was surprised too.  The second celebration was at Thistle Beads (my favorite beading shop), they turned three years old last week and it happen to fall on their night of open beading and stay open late,  my sister and I attended the festivities.  The third celebration was the birthday of my nation, often referred to as “Fourth of July” or ‘Independence Day”, it was also the actual day of my oldest son’s birthday and tradition has it that we go out for breakfast, which we did.   We also had a hurricane passing to our south and had pouring rain all day, no cook outs that day.   With summer and all the celebrations, it hasn’t  stopped me from beading.

I have finished a few unfinished projects and am working on the last three; two of those are bracelets and will go quickly and the third is Kumihimo and I am in no hurry to finish that one. I like having a Kumihimo project because its portable and I can take it with me.

IMG_3208 IMG_3214The star fish necklaces designed by Diane Dennis of ‘Diane Dennis Beadwork’ are finished and I am not sure if I want to keep the pink set or not. The turquoise set (necklace and anklet) go with my turquoise capris and that’s why I made it. My friends think the star fish is too big for their taste, made with size 6-o and 8-o beads. Because I am thinking I may try to sell the pink set, I haven’t worn it.

IMG_3215 IMG_3216The bracelets are a double wrap ‘superduo’ herringbone stitch. I learned how to do herringbone from a video on YouTube; they were making a ‘superduo’ four bead row and it was from that where I got the idea to do ‘superduo’ two bead row instead of the four and have it go around the wrist twice instead of  just once. Since I made my first one, a few of my beading buddies have copied the pattern using some really great color combinations. It’s a fun bracelet, I enjoy making them.

I hope everyone has a great summer or winter depending in what part of our world you live in.  :)



Happy Anniversary to Me and more. . .

Three years ago I started this blog, to write about the things I create; a show and tell of sorts. I have made banners, quilts aprons and lots of bead work. Right now my creative passion is bead work. It has opened doors to many friendships; women I would not have known otherwise.

Just last night I was at my favorite bead shop; Thistle Beads in Niantic, CT. ,  my sister and I went and sat and talked and even got some beading done while there. Heather, Pauline, Claire and Melody (one of the owners of the shop) sat and shared our work, oohed and awed over everyone’s project. We all had a great time; this was an experience I would not have had if I didn’t bead; so I am thankful for beading.

And time seems to go by quickly and it’s hard to think that it has already been three years since I started blogging. My cousin Jenny first encouraged me to set up a blog a few years earlier but even though I didn’t start one then, I kept thinking about it. So thank you Jenny for your encouragement!

IMG_3176 IMG_3178 - CopyToday I am working on a couple of projects, more star fish from the pattern designed by Diane Dennis at and I am doing them in pink. The big one is done in 6o’s and 8o seed beads and it’s big; kinda like big hair big!  And I am in the process of making earrings to go with it in 11o’s and 15o’s and not only are the beads smaller but I have less rows; this gives it a smaller look.


I am also making a dress for my granddaughter, using fabric and a T-shirt; I started it yesterday and just now finished. She loves dresses and it will make a great summer dress for her to wear.

I may not have a lot of followers, but I enjoy blogging and showing others the things I have created. WordPress has been a great venue to do it on, so thank you WordPress!


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