Treasure Jars for Treasured Friends

Today was the “Ladies Tea” at my church; I was one of a group of women who organized it.  Every year we gather and have a potluck luncheon and the past few years it’s been held at our church.  In years past, we have had speakers and sold tickets for a catered event; but we have gotten more lax about it.  Because of everyone’s busy lives, we have come to think of it as a time where we as women can just come together and visit for awhile.  We have had raffles in the past from donated items and this year was no different and we try to have everyone go home with something.  From the start I have been in charge of the “party favors” and every year I have managed with the help of others to come up with something.  This year I got the idea from Pinterest; so many thanks to Pinterest!

I bought four cases of the smallest canning jars I could fine, these short little stubby jars are so cute all by themselves.   When I first tried to make one, I quickly realized I needed four hands; my two were just not enough.  So I arranged a play date with a friend and brought all my stuff over to her house and we put them together; thank you Cindy K.!  I am sure my husband is grateful as well, because he would have been my next choice in helping me.  This treasure jar has quilting pins in it, you may remember this picture from a post I did of a gift I gave a friend.  The ones from today are just like it but filled with candy, chocolate to be exact!

Okay, back to the ladies tea today; it was a hit!  I had brought my granddaughter with me and she didn’t start having fun until the raffle, when she got to pick something out.  She ended up enjoying herself and loves her treasure jar!  The jars were a big hit; just a little something extra to bring home after a great time with the ladies.  I already have an idea for next year and I can thank Kim H. for that idea; I am seriously thinking her idea will be the way to go.

The day was rainy and may have kept a few ladies home, but for all those who did venture out in the rain, they had a good time and I am glad they came.


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