The Order in the Chaos!

Now that spring is almost behind us and hopefully more days without so much rain; we can work on projects.  Not complaining about the rain, rain is good; but now we can plan better.  My husband and I sat down and talked about a list of projects that we need to do inside and out; last summer my husband spent his time building a deck and ramp for my sister and brother in-law; our yard and home were put on hold and I am thankful that my husband had the skills to be able to help when they needed it.

So with that behind us, we are planning and buying paint, ordering a window, moving bookcases from one room to another, etc.  We are starting with the deck which needs re-staining desperately, I picked a solid stain of light gray for the deck.  We also bought paint for our son’s room; forest green for the walls and light gray for his ceiling, his pick.  A bookcase that should have been taken out of his room when he moved back in was finally moved to the living room.  Boy what a chain reaction!  I emptied the bookcase, my husband moved it, I put back what was there, movies and CD’s and a row of miscellaneous books and moved my scrapbooks from my craft room onto the bottom shelf and there is still room for my son to put his movies on a shelf if he wishes to.  The moving of scrapbooks open up space in my craft room to reorganize toys that belong to my granddaughter, but first, I needed to go through all my craft paper and reorganize that space as well.  I had lots of paper, years ago I went through a paper craze and bought some every time I was in the craft store, which I went to after work often in those days.  I have used a lot of it, but I still have a lot and have sorted out about half of it so far.  When I finish the paper, I can move on to the toys which are in the living room and need to be taken out of there.  I know a lot of details and since they aren’t your details I bet you are skimming over this if reading it at all.  That’s what I would do.

Getting back to projects, our window for our master bathroom is finally being shipped and should arrive by the weekend.  It will be nice to have that done, but for our bathroom it’s only the beginning.  To make a long story short, we are redoing our master bathroom, everything but tub and toilet; new floor and painting cabinets in the kitchen, redoing our son’s room except the carpet and painting the deck.  Hopefully when all is said and done and the chaos has become order again, I will be happy with the results.

I do hope we get this stuff done quickly so that we can also enjoy our summer; I would like to take a trip to New Hampshire and Boston, visit Farmer’s Markets and craft fairs and in September go to the “Big E” (its a New England thing).


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