A Weekend Away

Yandong Chinese Acrobatic Troupe

Last weekend my husband and I took our granddaughter and son up to New Hampshire to visit Clark’s Trading Post; a tourist attraction.  When our sons were young, we took them to see the bears and the other exhibits they had.  Clark’s has since grown, though some of their attractions have been improved upon, a lot of it is just as I remember from the earlier years.  The bears were always a fascination to me and I thought our granddaughter would love them too, but it turns out she likes the newest attraction to the park, the Yandong Chinese Acrobatic Troupe.


The Bear Show

I grew up being cautioned about bears, mountain lions and rattle snakes, we spent a lot of our weekends and vacations at a crude cabin my dad had built as a young man in Midpines, California; right outside of Mariposa.  Mariposa, the last real town before Yosemite; in the mountains.  Any time I have the chance to visit the mountains, I love it and I think that’s why the fascination towards the bears as well.

Though our granddaughter enjoyed the Clark’s Trading Post, her favorite activity was going swimming in the pool at the campground we were staying out.  Oh, we didn’t camp, I don’t like the discomfort of camping; so we rented the only cabin this place had that had it’s own kitchen and bathroom.  We had a gas grill and a fire pit to satisfy my husband’s need to feel like we were camping and my son and his daughter made S’more’s and swatted at the bugs.  But it was the swimming she liked best and I thought it would be the bears!  Her other grandparents have a pool that she goes swimming at a lot, a nice physical activity and she enjoys it.

It was also very hot and humid and though we had a brief rain shower, it made the humidity all the worse.  The owners of the park were nice and when we left a day early, they were very understanding.  Our granddaughter got homesick and missed her mom, so we came home a day early and missed the rain that covered most of New Hampshire yesterday.  I was also glad to get back to central air conditioning, a relief for my allergies and from the humidity.

We are thinking we would like to take our granddaughter to the Dinosaur Park, it’s local and we think she would like it.  Maybe in a week or two; sometime before school starts again.


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  1. beth
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 22:32:17

    sounds like you all had a great time!


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